WATCH: British music fans discover new plastic money plays vinyl records

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

The value of the British pound may have been dropping in recent weeks but imaginative Brits have found a way to put their cash to work.

It turns out the new plastic five-pound-note can be used as a stylus to play vinyl records.

A number of YouTube videos have been posted in recent days showing the new note “playing” music on a turntable.

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    “Apparently what you do is you put the corner of the note into one of the grooves of the record and you can actually hear music coming out,” said Dan Wood, one of those who posted his video online.

    “Calvin Harris, move over,” Wood said, after successfully proving the party trick worked.

    But music fans who have invested in expensive equipment and speakers shouldn’t fret. Similar to the slumping pound’s strength on open markets, the fidelity and volume the note provides from the record falls flat.

    It does not appear that other plastic currencies from around the globe, such Canada or Australia, have successfully played records.

    The latest version of the five-pound note was introduced last month to replace the paper note as more durable and harder to forge and has generally received favourable reviews.

    Just days after its release, Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, dipped the plastic bill in hot stew to demonstrate its strength.

    WATCH: Mark Carney uses hot stew to show off durability of England’s new 5-pound banknote

    The plastic note is illustrated with images of Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill.

    The note was worth just over US$6 at Wednesday’s rate.

    The pound has been dropping largely because of concerns about Britain leaving the European Union.

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