Vehicle flips over after colliding with Toronto police cruiser on Hwy. 401

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

A police officer narrowly escaped injury after a vehicle rear-ended a cruiser on Highway 401 east of Toronto early Thursday morning.

Toronto police say the officer was redirecting traffic in the eastbound express lanes of Highway 401 at Meadowvale Road following an earlier tractor-trailer fire when a vehicle ran into the cruiser.

Police say the officer had just gotten out of his vehicle when the crash happened and avoided injury.

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Authorities say the driver of the vehicle miraculously escaped the wreckage without being hurt.

“The cop car was in the live lane. So I changed over to the middle lane. Right away there was another one. It was staggered. There was another one in front of me. When I saw the other police car I tried to avoid it. But I couldn’t avoid it,” driver Victor Mosa said.

“The cop came over right away to make sure I was ok. Then they went over to the other side to try the doors, opened it up and I was able to crawl out.”

An officer at the scene told Global News the driver refused to be treated by paramedics.

Toronto police say Mosa has been charged with careless driving in relation to the crash.

A police officer escaped injury after a vehicle collided with a cruiser on Highway 401 on Thursday.

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-Cindy Pom contributed to this report