Too many signs? City of Calgary survey seeks feedback on temporary sign rules

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

The City of Calgary is looking for public feedback on the use of temporary signs on public property.

Industry officials estimate there’s about 1,500 signs now in circulation in Calgary – and some residents have issues with that.

“I think, yes, if you have too many of them they can be an eyesore,” New Brighton resident Chris Wigle said. “I think the city can have some control over the process.”

The current Calgary temporary sign bylaw has conditions on where signs can be placed and who can place them.

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    The large signs – often seen on roadsides and boulevards – can only be used by non-profit organizations, and usually advertise community events, school and sport registrations, campaigns and public information.

    Only small signs can be used on public propert  by commercial companies.

    No signs, regardless of size, are allowed on any roads where the speed limit is higher than 70 kilometres an hour.

    Sign companies say they do their best to work within the existing sign bylaw.

    “We don’t wake up in the morning looking for places to illegally place the sign and I think the city is cognizant of that and appreciates that,” President of Bold Signs Rod MacDonald said.

    Officials launched a two-week survey on Wednesday to see what changes, if any, Calgarians would like to see made to the temporary signs on highways bylaw.

    “The results of this survey will assist the city in updating the rules of how signs are managed on public property in Calgary,” spokesperson Andrew Bissett said. “Rules include the size of signs, where they’re placed and how they’re used.”

    He said an outright ban on the signage isn’t likely, in light of to Canadian case laws.

    “We’re looking at the best way to manage the roadway, as far as temporary signs.”

    The city would like to know how citizens view temporary signs, how these signs influence their actions and how they believe they impact Calgary’s streetscape.

    You can visit Calgary长沙夜网/signs to complete the survey, which will be available until Oct. 24.