Subban trade: Habs fan takes out full-page ad railing against management

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

A lifelong Montreal Canadiens fans is putting their money where their mouth is and speaking out against the P.K. Subban trade that rocked the hockey world this summer.

At the time, Habs fans took to social media to express their anger and disappointment, vowing to cancel their season tickets.

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    Now, one hardcore fan, known only as Dr. CK, is making good on that promise.

    In a full-page ad in the Montreal Gazette Thursday, Dr. CK, says the family’s season tickets remain unopened.

    “My family and I will only be  attending  one home game this season, on March 2, 2017 – when Nashville visits Montreal.”

    Dr. CK thanks Subban for his on ice plays calling him “an amazing hockey talent,” and then goes on to laud his off-ice character and persona.

    “You are an amazing and influential role model for my children and I am going to miss not having you as a Montreal Canadiens.”

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    While Dr. CK sends best wishes to Montreal Canadiens players and their families, the anonymous fan doesn’t mince words when talking about team management, suggesting fans boycott home games.

    “I do not, and will not support, Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien. And make no mistake, my fellow fans: attending games at the Bell Centre is a vote of confidence in their leadership.”

    Angela Malorni is a member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

    She said it’s completely normal for fans to be so upset when a player they love moves on.

    “It’s hard to see an athlete that you connected with, believed in, supported, saw do great things in the community, it’s hard on the heart, to see them go,” she said.

    While the anonymous writer may feel betrayed, other fans say it’s time to move on.

    “Obviously, P.K. Subban was a very, very popular player in the community, amongst the players and the NHL – no one denied his talent but I think it (the ad) is a bit too much,” one fan told Global News.

    A full-page advertisement in the Montreal Gazette reportedly goes for around $20,000.

    The Habs suit up against the Sabres Thursday evening for their season opener in Buffalo and head to home ice Saturday to face the Ottawa Senators.