New poll reveals Michael Fougere is in lead for Regina Mayor

24/06/2019 Posted by admin

We’re now less than two weeks from when Regina voters head to the polls but new numbers out this morning predict Michael Fougere is set for victory in the upcoming election.

According to the Mainstreet Research-Postmedia poll, incumbent Fougere has 73 per cent of decided and leaning voters support.

The remaining candidates are relatively even with Tony Fiacco coming in second at nine per cent support.

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    Mainstreet’s vice president David Valentin said it appears few residents are actually aware an election is taking place at all with a noticeable absence of lawn signs and campaign events.

    “It looks like Michael Fougere is headed towards a landslide win,” said Valentin.

    “The only question at this point is exactly how much he will win by.”

    Forty-six per cent of the more than 600 residents polled remain undecided.

    Perhaps that number is due to the low number of pollers who are paying attention to the municipal election.

    When asked, ‘to which election process do you pay the most attention?’ 42 per cent said federal, 23 per cent said provincial and only 13 percent said municipal.  The remaining 22 per cent weighed in as ‘not sure.’

    Voters head to the polls on October 26th.