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No tuition fee hike for some University of King’s College students

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

Students enrolled in the Foundation Year Program at the University of King’s College are breathing a sigh of relief after learning their tuition will not be going up.

The university’s Board of Governors voted unanimously this week against a $1,000 fee increase, making King’s the only university in the province to reject a fee hike.

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“I worked really hard this summer to actually pay for this tuition at all, so the fact that it’s not going to increase is kind of reassuring that I’m gonna be able to come to school next year,” said first-year student Taryn Neufelt.

“Students have been making their voices heard and made it so the King’s Board of Governors had no choice but to listen,” said Aidan McNally, President of the King’s Students’ Union.

Until last year, there was a three percent cap on tuition fee increases in Nova Scotia. That cap was temporarily removed in the 2015 provincial budget, leaving post-secondary institutions free to hike fees without a limit.

That decision has been met with harsh criticism, especially at the University at King’s College where students pay some of the highest fees in Canada.

Students have been campaigning for months against the proposed fee hike and see the Board of Governors decision as a victory.

“Students have been very vocal about this issue ever since it became a possibility,” said Bill Lahey, President of the University of King’s College.

“Their views about both how it might hurt the university’s efforts to recruit more students, which is a really big issue at King’s right now and their views on how the current level of tuition causes difficulties and in some cases hardships for our students, those were very influential views.”

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Students say tuition is their number one barrier when attending school.

“It’s so expensive and it kind of affects everything that you do,” said Sophie Winer. “It’s like, is what I’m learning right now worth the money?”

Tuition for first year students may not be rising, but there are still other fee increases on the table.

“We still have hard decisions and hard discussions to have at King’s about incremental increases to tuition and there’s always discussions that have to take place about other fees, but we’ve put the tuition reset issue to bed,” said Lahey.

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Students say they plan to participate in a National Day of Action next month to protest tuition fees at post-secondary institutions.

“We are taking the momentum from this victory and channeling it towards November 2, where students are calling on decision makers for free and accessible post-secondary education,” said McNally.

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6 miscarriages in 2 years: mom-to-be shares trauma of pregnancy loss

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

Jenna Zimmer is 23 weeks into her seventh pregnancy. She hasn’t let herself get too excited, though. Her last six ended in miscarriages, making for a roller-coaster past couple years.

The 32-year-old Wisconsin woman had been trying to have a baby with her husband Kyle for a year when she found out she was finally pregnant for the first time in January 2014.

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    “We heard a heartbeat at six weeks and assumed everything would be smooth sailing after that,” she recalled in light of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, marked every year on Oct. 15.

    The two excitedly told family they were expecting — only to be shattered a month later at their next appointment, when they learned their baby had stopped growing.

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    Even though Zimmer saw the motionless figure on the ultrasound, it took a while for it to “click.”

    “It was absolutely devastating. I’ve never been so depressed and heartbroken.”

    She had a “d&c” (dilate and curettage) procedure, which scrapes the fetus off the uterine lining under heavy sedation or oral medication. Zimmer says it was physically painless, but emotionally, the hardest thing she’s gone through.

    When she got pregnant for the second time that July and saw a heartbeat again, she thought: “We couldn’t possibly miscarry twice.”

    Two weeks later, the heartbeat was gone. Afraid of getting her uterus scraped twice (as it can sometimes lead to scar tissue formation called Asherman’s Syndrome), she opted for a miscarriage-inducing medication (Cytotec) the second time around.

    “It was a horrible experience. Blood came literally gushing out of me. I bled a ton, then it would stop, then it would start again. Worse than any period … This went on for over six weeks.”

    Every subsequent positive pregnancy test left her “terrified.”

    “Driving to ultrasound appointments was the absolute worst.”

    Her third pregnancy turned out to be a “blighted ovum,” which is when the embryo doesn’t develop. It looked like a “dark, empty circle” on the ultrasound screen.

    The next three were “chemical pregnancies” —  super early losses — within six months of each other. Zimmer explains the only reason she knew she was pregnant was because she took the tests early. They were positive, then became negative and were followed by a heavy period a few days later.

    Every time it happened, she’d wonder “why?”

    “It’s very lonely,” Zimmer said.

    She and her husband had two nephews born around the time the losses began. They eventually asked relatives to tell them in private if they were expecting. The surprise announcements became too much to bear.

    Potential reasons for miscarriage

    The Zimmers eventually learned their miscarriages were due to genetics. Basically, parts of Kyle’s chromosomes 14 and 19 would swap places during conception. So there’d either be too much or too little genetic information coming from those chromosomes. That would result in an unbalanced arrangement of chromosomes that isn’t compatible with life.

    What also could have contributed to their losses, Zimmer said, was a growth on her uterus that’s since been removed. She also had ovarian cysts and was previously diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a condition that’s been linked to a higher risk of pregnancy loss.

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    Up to a quarter of pregnancies are thought to end in a miscarriage, according to the American Pregnancy Association. A woman may not even know she’s pregnant before she loses the baby. Others will never find out why they miscarried because no cause can be found.

    Aside from age, risk factors for miscarriages have been said to include: obesity, smoking, excessive drinking of caffeine and alcohol, as well as drug use.

    The culprit could also be an abnormality in the womb or cervix, hormonal imbalances, infections, or antibodies in the blood that prevent the embryo from properly embedding.

    WATCH: Can long-term smoking contribute to miscarriages?

    In the vast majority of cases, a miscarriage happens within the first three months of a pregnancy that’s not viable. This is why couples are advised to wait until then before sharing their pregnancy news widely.

    After the 12-week mark, the risk of a stillbirth is about three in 1,000.

    It’s what Zimmer now fears most, even though her 21-week scan a couple weeks ago showed a healthy baby girl. She credits that to just getting “lucky in the genetics department” this time.

    The Zimmer baby at 21 weeks in utero.


    She recently bought her first-ever pregnancy purchase: a three-pack of onesies.

    ‘It’s a reality of life’

    “It’s horrible to be in constant worry about it, but one day at a time,” she said.

    The pair briefly saw a counsellor and Zimmer joined support groups on Facebook and Reddit, all of which have helped her heal from the trauma.

    Her advice to other couples who suffer a loss is to talk about it.

    “Lay your emotions out and support each other. My husband felt like he needed to be strong for me. When he finally admitted how devastated he was, it helped me feel less crazy — like a weight [had] lifted.”

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    “If you talk about it openly, you may find that many people will share their story of loss with you as well. It happens more than anyone thinks and nobody talks about it. It’s not taboo.

    “It’s a reality of life and it should be discussed.”

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Donald Trump allegedly insulted Khloe Kardashian, Marlee Matlin on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

UPDATE: Marlee Matlin has responded to the accusations made by former Celebrity Apprentice staffers.

ORIGINAL STORY: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in hot water after more accusations about his behaviour on the The Celebrity Apprentice set have surfaced.

Over the last several days, many alleged victims have spoken up about abusive things Trump has said and done. (On top of that, multiple women are now accusing him of sexual assault.) The latest Celebrity Apprentice accusations involve biggies: Marlee Matlin is an Oscar-winning actress — the first deaf person to win the coveted award — and Khloe Kardashian is, well, a Kardashian.

Matlin appeared on the celebrity reality show in 2011, and came in second place to country singer John Rich. Throughout the season, audiences heard Trump’s glowing comments about Matlin, so it’s jarring to hear, as per three longtime staffers, that the GOP candidate regularly disrespected her and treated her like she was mentally disabled.

WATCH: Summer Zervos, former Apprentice contestant, says Trump assaulted her

EXTENDED: ‘The Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervos describes how Donald Trump allegedly sexually assaulted her


EXTENDED: ‘The Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervos describes how Donald Trump allegedly sexually assaulted her


Another ‘Apprentice’ contestant comes forward to say Donald Trump made inappropriate sexual advances

According to The Daily Beast, the insults Trump directed at Matlin occurred right in front of her and when she wasn’t there. Because of a non-disclosure agreement standard with reality shows, Trump’s comments were kept buried. Until now. Trump allegedly called Matlin “retarded” on multiple occasions, treated her as lesser-than, and frequently mocked her speaking voice by doing crude imitations.

One former staffer recalls an incident when, after the producers were cleaning up the Apprentice boardroom post-firing, they glanced at the notes that Trump wrote (he often jotted things down before the firing) on the table. One of them read, “Marlee, is she retarded?”

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The staffers also remember Matlin standing up for herself against Trump, but that footage was not included in the broadcast show.

In November of 2015, Trump faced similar heavy criticism for mocking a New York Times reporter who has a disability during a campaign rally in South Carolina.

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Donald Trump continues his attacks on sexual assault accusers, the media


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The Huffington Post is reporting that, during filming of the 2009 season of Celebrity Apprentice, reality star Khloe Kardashian was also the subject of off-camera remarks by Trump. He was allegedly upset about her casting and made disparaging comments about her looks and weight.

“He basically wanted to just get rid of her,” a former editor said to HuffPost. “He called her a ‘piglet.’”

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Trump also rued not being able to “get the hot one” for the show, referring to Kardashian’s sister, Kim. A second source confirmed that Trump called her “the ugly Kardashian” and a “fat piglet.” The former staffers also emphasize that Kardashian wasn’t fired based on her performance — she was fired because Trump didn’t like her.

Kardashian hasn’t commented on the 2009 firing.

Earlier this week, former Celebrity Apprentice contestant Maria Kanellis-Bennett called Trump a sexist hypocrite after she was unceremoniously fired from the reality show in 2010 for using “locker room talk.”

WATCH: Maria Kanellis-Bennett is fired from Celebrity Apprentice

The former professional wrestler was fired by Trump after she chastised fellow contestant Curtis Stone for coming into their room and using the bathroom, leaving a “stench” behind. In the episode, she said to Stone: “The reason why I said you were so arrogant was because you came in our dressing room and you took a crap and left the stench in the room.”

Apparently, Trump took issue with the word “crap,” and called Kanellis-Bennett’s remarks “disgusting” and “gross.”

On Friday, the Washington Post and NBC released video of Trump speaking to then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about making sexual advances on women without their consent.

Trump was forced to issue a public apology for the remarks and has repeatedly dismissed them as “locker room talk,” including during Sunday’s debate when he was pressed on the issue.

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“What I said is something that happens in the locker room, what he said is not. He fired me for what I said because I am a female,” Kanellis-Bennett told the New York Daily News Tuesday.

Adding insult to injury, after her firing, Kanellis-Bennett was ordered to apologize to Trump by Apprentice producers.

“I was told I shouldn’t talk like that as a lady, and that, to me, was inequality at its best,” she said. “I can’t speak my mind as a female, but he can speak his mind as a male. There’s a problem with that.”

She also claims that during filming of the show, Trump frequently flirted with her and made inappropriate comments about her looks.

READ MORE: Donald Trump’s statements ‘constitute sexual assault,’ White House says

“He would say I looked nice that day. He would make comments in the boardroom,” she said. “He believes that just by being a celebrity you can get in someone’s pants. That’s not acceptable in any form or fashion.”

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Northern Saskatchewan communities in mourning after 3 youth suicides

24/09/2019 Posted by admin

Mental health therapists are being made available 24 hours a day after the suicides of three girls in two northern Saskatchewan communities.

Two Stanley Mission girls between the ages of 12 and 14 took their own lives last week.

A third girl from La Ronge, who had been in intensive care in Saskatoon after an attempt to kill herself, died in recent days.

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    Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson said there have also been nine suicide attempts in the past week in her community and that more than 20 youths are considered at risk.

    “Our communities of Stanley Mission and La Ronge continue to be in shock and are deeply saddened with the recent tragic loss of three beautiful young girls to suicide,” Cook-Searson said in a Facebook post.

    “Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support us in addressing the current crisis we are in with our youth and families.”

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    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said tragedies like the suicides of the three young girls have got to stop.

    Trudeau said his government is working with the Saskatchewan government and others to put an end to the tragedy of young people taking their own lives.

    Health Canada said in a statement that it has been in touch with the chief and others in Stanley Mission about providing mental health therapists.

    The department said that based on an assessment, it will help fund costs for three mental health therapists to provide counselling to at-risk youth until the end of December.

    You can read Health Canada’s statement in its entirety below.

    On behalf of my Health Canada, we would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and the communities affected by the recent tragedies in northern Saskatchewan.

    Over the past week, Health Canada has been in contact with Chief Tammy Cook-Searson of Lac La Ronge and local contacts in Stanley Mission.

    We have also been in contact with Chief Peter Beattie of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation in the wake of the latest suicide tragedy in Deschambault Lake.

    For Stanley Mission and Lac La Ronge, Health Canada has deployed two nurses to provide relief support to the community health staff Health Canada is also providing supports to allow seven mental health therapists to travel weekly to Stanley Mission to provide counselling to at-risk youth, six days a week, on a rotational basis, until the end of December 2016.

    The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and the community of Deschambault Lake are leading the response to the crisis in their communities supported by ongoing funding agreements from Health Canada. There are three mental health workers in this community, and two additional workers from Pelican Narrows have been deployed to Deschambault Lake for immediate support. Health Canada is committed to providing necessary supports to the community as requested.

    Heath Canada will continue to provide mental health crisis counselling through the Non-Insured Health Benefits program. Support is also being made available through the Mental Wellness Team from Prince Albert Grand Council.

    In Saskatchewan, there are currently four Mental Wellness Teams in place. Planning is currently underway to fund four new Mental Wellness Teams in 2017-18 for communities in Saskatchewan. This would bring the number of Mental Wellness Teams in the Saskatchewan region to eight.

    In addition to supports on the ground, we have also launched a telephone crisis intervention line to provide immediate, culturally competent, counselling support for First Nations and Inuit, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Counselling is available in English and French and, upon request, in Cree, Ojibway and Inuktut. The new toll-free number for the First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line is 1-855-242-3310.

    As of this morning, the First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line has received a total of 44 calls since it began operating on October 1, 2016.

    We recognize the scope and seriousness of the mental health issues that are facing many First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada.

    We are committed to engaging and working with First Nations and Inuit on mental wellness initiatives, and are renewing our commitment to working with them and our provincial partners to prevent further tragic loss of life to suicide.

    If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    With files from Global News