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5 Montreal stories you must read this week: October 14

24/07/2019 Posted by admin

MONTREAL – From an impending traffic nightmare, to the Montreal metro celebrating a milestone anniversary, here are 5 must-read Montreal stories Global News covered this week:

Traffic mayhem ahead?

“Of course it’s not perfect, we don’t have 100 per cent coverage. But we think all the measures that are already in place will be good enough to improve our service.”

Transports Quebec is planning some massive highway reductions and closures that could see traffic coming from Highway 20 backing up prior to the Ville-St-Pierre exchange as work to tear down the Turcot continues.

READ THE STORY: Highway madness coming to Montreal

Service dog funding denied

“They don’t consider my dog acceptable to be getting funding.”

Shannon Moran is furious. Despite qualifying for a Hearing Ear Dog from the Lions Foundation of Canada, Quebec’s subsidy program doesn’t seem to recognize his dog as a legitimate service animal.

READ THE STORY: Hearing-impaired NDG man fighting for subsidy for his service dog

Retired teacher continues giving back

“I love the morning so much that I’ll set the alarm for 5:30 and get up even now that I don’t have to. I look forward to whatever I can do and whatever I can help with.”

Judy Kelley retired a year ago after teaching for nearly four decades but retirement hasn’t slowed her down much.

READ THE STORY: #GreatMTLer: Meet Judy Kelley, teacher, mother and tireless volunteer

Ode to P.K. Subban

“You are an amazing and influential role model for my children and I am going to miss not having you as a Montreal Canadiens.”

A lifelong Montreal Canadiens fans is putting his money where his mouth is and speaking out against the P.K. Subban trade that rocked the hockey world this summer.

READ THE STORY: Subban trade: Habs fan takes out full-page ad railing against management

Montreal metro celebrates milestone anniversary

“People don’t realize how important it is. Do you know how many people are in the metro in peak hours in one day? Two hundred thousand. It’s like the sixth biggest city in Quebec.”

Celebrations marked the 50th birthday of Montreal’s Metro system Friday, with the The Montreal Symphony Orchestra performing a specially composed piece at Place-des-Arts station.

READ THE STORY: Montreal Metro turns 50, what will next 50 years bring?

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Emma Watson and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau go for a Vespa ride

24/07/2019 Posted by admin

Actress and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson says meeting Sophie Grégoire Trudeau during a recent trip to Ottawa was “a highlight of my year.”

Watson was in the nation’s capital in late September to discuss women’s issues with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and promote her “He For She” campaign. Trudeau has agreed to become an ambassador for the UN-backed project, which aims to get men involved in the global fight for gender equality.

But Watson also got to spend time with Trudeau’s wife, who scooped the Harry Potter actress up on a Vespa and took her on a tour of the city before her afternoon meetings.

“Definitely a highlight of my year was meeting this person,” Watson said in an Instagram post featuring an image of the two women laughing on the scooter.

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  • Sophie Gregoire Trudeau quickly gains thousands of followers after finally joining Facebook, Instagram

  • Opposition opposed to more staff for Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

    “It was one of the most free and inspiring mornings I have had all year – not what I expected from someone who is as busy as she must be.”

    Watson added that both of them wore helmets, and Grégoire Trudeau drove.

    She also took the opportunity to plug Grégoire Trudeau’s own Instagram account, which she launched this week.

    “I’m looking forward to being able to see your adventures and especially witness the work you do on behalf of women and girls,” Watson wrote.

    Watson also posted a short video of she and Grégoire Trudeau speeding through what looked like a rural area of Ottawa.

    The prime minister’s wife has prioritized issues linked to women and girls in her charity work. Last spring, she attended an event in Washington with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama that promoted education among American teenage girls.

Shailene Woodley speaks out after being released from jail

24/07/2019 Posted by admin

Shailene Woodley is finally speaking out after being released from jail in North Dakota on Monday.

She was arrested earlier that day while participating in a protest against the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline and despite her arrest, Woodley isn’t giving up her fight.

The Divergent star shared a message with her fellow protesters on Instagram.

READ MORE: Shailene Woodley, ‘Divergent’ star, livestreams own arrest at North Dakota pipeline protest

“One day, baby, we’ll sing our poetry. The words dripping from our tongues wet with ripened patience,” she wrote. “And the lyrics, the sweet fruits born from seeds our aging hands are now sowing. #alwaysinallways #heartforward #uptous #NoDAPL #protectcleanwater #iamonyourside.”

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one day, baby, we’ll sing our poetry. the words dripping from our tongues wet with ripened patience. and the lyrics, the sweet fruits born from the seeds our aging hands are now sowing. #alwaysinallways #heartforward #uptous #NoDAPL #protectcleanwater #iamonyourside

A post shared by shailene woodley (@shailenewoodley) on Oct 11, 2016 at 2:59pm PDT

READ MORE: North America’s oil pipelines vulnerable to sabotage, recent events show

After Woodley was released, the star’s rep confirmed the news with People.

“Shailene Woodley has been released from the Morton County Jail in North Dakota. She appreciates the outpouring of support, not only for her, but more importantly, for the continued fight against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline,” said the rep.

The Fault in Our Stars actress, who streamed her arrest via Facebook live, was charged with criminal trespassing. Woodley was only a few feet from her vehicle when she was stopped by police.

“I don’t know if you guys just heard me, but I was walking back to my RV, which is right there so that we can go back to camp peacefully and they grabbed me by my jacket and said that I was not allowed to continue,” she said. “And they had giant guns and batons and zip ties and they’re not letting me go.”

When Woodley tried to ask the officer a question, he responded, “We can’t talk right here, but you’re going to be placed under arrest for criminal trespassing.” After waiting a few minutes she was arrested.

The video, which shows what appeared to be a peaceful protest, has been viewed more than three million times.

WATCH BELOW: ‘I’m being arrested’: actress Shailene Woodley arrested at pipeline protest

The Morton County Sheriff later confirmed to E! News that Woodley and 26 other people were arrested.

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The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sued the US Army Corps of Engineers, who approved the project and granted final permits in July, saying the pipeline “threatens the Tribe’s environmental and economic well-being, and would damage and destroy sites of great historic, religious, and cultural significance to the Tribe.”

An advocacy group says the tribe’s claims are misleading, claiming the pipeline “does not cross into the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation.”

Since May, thousands of people have camped near the pipeline’s proposed route to oppose its construction.

READ MORE: Kim Kardashian robbery: Person who captured secret footage could face prison

In a press conference on Monday afternoon, Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney defended police activity on the construction site.

“We don’t know what’s in that crowd. They are not peaceful and prayerful. It’s unlawful — that’s what’s happening here. The courts have spoken and the rule of law governs our land,” he started.

“People with an ideology and agenda not from here are bringing it here. What started as a North Dakota issue has gone well beyond that,” Laney continued. “They were intentionally violating the law, a peaceful protest is getting word out. Today was very tense — it was a tense and dangerous situation.”

According to the sheriff, two campaigners chained themselves to construction equipment, and it was this small group which prompted the wider protest with a fleet of vehicles — including Woodley in an RV.

Protesters parked their vehicles and marched on the private construction site, according to police.

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Woodley received support from stars like Rosario Dawson, who was arrested herself last April at a political protest.

Woodley also received support from her Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars co-star Ansel Elgort, as well as Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo.

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Plane Talk with Navdeep Bains: On opening doors and shutting down the U.S. president

24/07/2019 Posted by admin

Growing up Sikh in Canada, Navdeep Bains knew he looked different than most of his peers. So in his mind, he had two choices: “When I go into a room, I get a little bit of attention. Either I take advantage of that attention and do something good, or I shy away from it.”

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Bains came from humble beginnings, born in Brampton, Ont. to Sikh immigrants. Twenty-six years later, after completing a master’s in business administration and receiving his Certified Management Accounting designation, Bains entered federal politics. When he won his riding in the 2004 federal election, he became the youngest Liberal MP in cabinet.

Although he lost the 2011 election, he rallied in 2015, winning his seat and a spot in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet.

READ MORE: Ottawa ready to invest in Bombardier, says Bains

“I think being a Sikh, at least on a personal level, has opened a lot of doors for me,” he told The West Block’s Tom Clark during a Plane Talk segment. “My grandparents raised me, taught me a lot about my faith, taught me a lot about my identity. I think that created a lot of confidence, which enabled me to do well in school, which now has enabled me to do well in politics, but also in sports as well.”

WATCH: Plane Talk Extended: Navdeep Bains on his faith and future political ambitions.

His love of sports, particularly playing basketball, comes second to his work and family – but it was the first topic of conversation in March when he met U.S. President Barack Obama, an avid Chicago Bulls fan; a story he casually brought up while flying high above the National Capital Region.

READ MORE: Feds getting ‘pushback’ on immigration from Canadians, minister says

“When I went to the U.S. and had the chance to meet the American president … the only thing I talked to the president about was sports and basketball,” Bains said. “I put down the Chicago Bulls and picked up our Toronto Raptors.”

Despite his casual tone, the singularity of the experience is not lost on Bains.

“I tried to act cool, but inside, my heart was pounding,” he said. “My dad came here from a remote village in India … [He had] a few dollars, worked hard, and now to be a member of Parliament, to be the minister of innovation, to represent Canada at the White House, it’s a big deal. I don’t take it lightly. It was a very, very special moment for me.”

Sex after childbirth: everything you need to know

24/07/2019 Posted by admin

To all new and prospective parents worried about sex (and not having enough of it): “You’re not alone.”

That’s the message from Natalie Rosen, a Halifax-based couples’ therapist and researcher at Dalhousie University, who recently led two studies on the sex lives of North American couples transitioning into parenthood.

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  • ‘Birthgasms’ – more than myth: This midwife had one

  • ‘She gave birth like a boss’: Video makes water birth look easy, but is it?

  • Daddy blues: men can suffer from postpartum depression too

    Her latest work, published this month in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, takes a look at the top sexual stresses linked to a new baby in the bedroom.

    It’s no secret sex is usually the last thing on a mom’s mind after giving birth. She’s likely exhausted and might be so sore she can barely sit.

    Dads, according to Rosen’s findings, tend to be more worried about their partners’ lowered libidos and heightened mood swings (both are normal, by the way). The “baby blues” affect up to 80 per cent of women. It’s a response to the major drop in estrogen and progesterone following labour.  If the irritability persists, it may be a sign of postpartum depression.

    READ MORE: ‘I was so raw and so open’: Mother’s post on postpartum goes viral

    Another common query for couples is when to resume birth control. The answer, according to experts, is right away. Don’t be fooled into believing breastfeeding will protect you. You can still ovulate even before your first menstrual cycle.

    Here’s how the other sex troubles break down by gender, based on a survey of 239 new-parent couples of healthy infants aged three to 12 months old:

    New mothers’ top 10 sexual concerns

      Frequency and body image (tie) — 96%Lack of time — 93%Sleep deprivation — 93%Physical recovery — 92%Sore breasts — 92%Less sexual desire than partner — 91% Mood swings — 89% Not knowing when it’s OK to have sex again — 87% When to resume birth control — 84% How they view their sexuality now that they’re a parent — 78%

    New fathers’ top 10 sexual concerns

       Partner’s mood swings — 92% Frequency —  92% Partner has less desire — 91% Partner’s sore breasts and body image (tie) — 91% When is it OK to have sex again and sleep deprivation (tie) — 89% Lack of time due to child-rearing duties — 88% When to resume birth control — 87% How they view their partner’s sexuality now that she’s a parent — 83% Vaginal dryness — 81% How to get or show affection when intercourse isn’t happening — 76%

    Nearly 90 per cent of those surveyed reported 10 or more different concerns about sex after childbirth. All that distress can take a toll on a relationship.

    Can empathy be bad for your sex life?

    Rosen’s other recent study, published this summer in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, found that as beneficial as a father’s empathy is in most cases — it can sometimes backfire and actually lower a woman’s desire.

    The reasoning is that when sex is avoided, it could come off as being no longer important. A woman, especially one who’s getting used to her new body, may feel less desirable when her partner doesn’t bring it up.

    The best thing you can do is communicate with your partner and perhaps adjust expectations accordingly.

    When can you start having sex after having a baby?

    Having sex too soon can not only be painful for a woman but also increases her risk of infection, says UBC nursing professor Wendy Hall.

    “It just takes time for things to get back to normal and heal.”

    Hall, who specializes in maternal child health, recommends women use a mirror to see if stitches have fallen off before having sex. She’s seen sutures broken apart when intercourse happened just a few days after childbirth.

    She also advises couples to wait for the post-childbirth discharge (called lochia) to subside and change from red to white. This signifies the area where the placenta was attached has healed.

    Recovery time can vary.

    A 2013 study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that:

    41% of women resumed sex six weeks after childbirth65% of women by eight weeks78% by 12 weeks.94% by six months.

    The healing time is generally less for vaginal births (if there’s no tearing or surgical cuts) than a C-section, which is a major abdominal surgery.

    It’s not a bad idea to wait for your six-week check-up to get the all-clear from your doctor, Hall says. But even once you have that, sexologist Jessica O’Reilly points out that just because you might be physically ready doesn’t mean you need to have sex.

    “There are emotional and practical considerations and you’re the ultimate expert,” O’Reilly says.

    What to do while you wait

    Rather than count the days, remember you can still be intimate without intercourse.

    “Use your hands and mouths,” O’Reilly urges. “Touch, kiss, cuddle, play and try to get some sleep — sleep is more important than sex.”

    READ MORE: A family therapist’s 8 secrets to a happy and lasting relationship

    She encourages women to ask their doctor when they can get back to a fitness routine, because studies show “exercise is essential to boosting your mood, improving your sexual response, increasing energy levels, promoting restful sleep and of course, revving up your libido.”

    Post-baby pain

    Hall warns that when couples do feel ready to have sex again, they should be cautious about certain positions. Missionary may not be the most comfortable at first.

    Partners should be mindful as well that breastfeeding can make a woman’s breasts super sensitive and contribute to vaginal dryness. Applying nipple cream or lubrication could be one way to sexually connect, though, Hall suggests.

    READ MORE: ‘It felt like we were going rogue’ says mom who let friend breastfeed her baby

    Gynecologist Jennifer Gunter writes that sex can sometimes be more painful for breastfeeding women due to:

    Low estrogen (which can be remedied through a small amount of vaginal estrogen if lube doesn’t work).Problems with the scar (which should be evaluated if it hasn’t healed by eight weeks).Muscle spasm associated with pelvic floor muscles.

    Those can be tightened and toned through Kegels. They can also help with post-pregnancy incontinence — something even Chrissy Tiegen confessed she struggled with.

    READ MORE: Vagina Pilates? What you need to know about pelvic floor physiotherapy

    Can sex ever be better after childbirth?

    O’Reilly says almost every couple she meets finds that sex declines — in both quantity and quality — once kids are born, especially in the early years.

    But that’s definitely not always the case. Some women have told her “they’re more sensitive and aware of their pelvic region post-childbirth.”

    One British parenting site found nearly 60 per cent of 1,000 parents surveyed believed sex improved after childbirth.

    While it may seem like an urban legend (that experts can’t really explain), there are plenty of online testimonials to back up the phenomenon.

    “I rarely reached [orgasm] before and it was a lot of work … and never from intercourse,” Jamie B. wrote on the Mothering forum. “Now it happens from intercourse every time, without a lot of effort.”

    She added her sex drive “is through the roof,” as a result.

    Other women echoed her experience, saying their G-spot was more easily stimulated after childbirth.

    “I also feel sexier, even though I have some stretch marks, I feel more self-confident after having a child,” one woman added.

    WATCH: ‘We are all enough’: Photographers capture beauty of new mothers’ bodies

    “Everything utterly totally wonderful despite what media tells us about needing to be tight and neat,” another user wrote.

    “Things are not like they were before giving birth at all but in the most wonderful way.”

    SOUND OFF: Did your sex life improve after you had a baby? Share your story with us through the contact form below.