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Calgary Flames hope for home opener win against Edmonton Oilers

24/04/2019 Posted by admin

The Calgary Flames are hoping for a win as they face the Edmonton Oilers in their home opener on Friday.

The Flames opened the 2016-17 season against the Oilers on Wednesday at the new Rogers Place arena, losing 7-4.

“I don’t think that was the way that anybody drew it up,” Flames head coach Glen Gulutzan said on Wednesday. “We all have shared responsibility. We all need to be better.”

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    Alex Chiasson, Troy Brouwer, Michael Frolik, and Dennis Wideman scored for the Flames – while goalie Brian Elliott made 21 saves on 27 shots.

    Elliot described the game as “one of those nights where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.”

    “That’s not the way you want to start the season,” he said. “The good thing is we have these guys back at home and we’ll get back to the drawing board.”

    Puck drop is at 7 p.m. MST.

    ‘It’s an exciting day:’ Sean Monahan

    In anticipation of the big game, Scott Fee from Global News Morning was live on location at the Scotiabank Saddledome on Friday, where he spoke with alternate captain Sean Monahan.

    “It’s an exciting day,” Monahan said. “Tonight’s a big test for us.”

    “At the end of the day, you’ve got to compete when you get on the ice.”

    “The new guys we brought in are really going to help our team. It’s exciting – to have these guys joins us, it’s going to be great here for the team.”

    Monahan said he’s feeling stronger on the ice and more confident.

    “I think as a player, you just want to continually get better throughout the season.”

    WATCH: Scott Fee speaks with Sean Monahan about the Calgary Flames’ Friday home opener against the Edmonton Oilers.

    Glen Gulutzan prepared for high-energy game

    Calgary Flames head coach Glen Gulutzan said there’s a “lot of energy usually in home openers.”

    “Especially, us coming from Edmonton… lot of energy in that game. Tonight is going to be the same thing.”

    After Friday’s game, the Flames will be heading to Vancouver for their home opener.

    “It’s not ideal that you get three home openers in four nights,” Gulutzan admitted.

    Friday will mark the team’s second game with Gulutzan as the head coach.

    WATCH: Scott Fee speaks with Calgary Flames head coach Glen Gulutzan about Friday’s home opener against the Edmonton Oilers.

    ‘It never gets old’: Martin Gelinas

    Calgary Flames assistant coach Martin Gelinas said the excitement and anticipation of a home opener “never gets old.”

    “They’re always special – we’re looking forward to it.”

    “What’s exciting about our team – we’ve got a lot of very young players that are going to be very, very good in this league for a long time.”

    WATCH: Scott Fee speaks with Calgary Flames assistant coach Martin Gelinas about Friday’s home opener against the Edmonton Oilers.

    Retro night! Wear your old-school Calgary Flames apparel  

    The Calgary Flames will be wearing their retro jerseys when they take to the ice on Friday.

    “We have a great selection of new retro products,” director of retail Brent Gibbs said. “It’s very popular.”

    The team will again don their retro apparel on Saturday, Oct. 22 when they battle the St. Louis Blues.

    WATCH: Scott Fee speaks with Calgary Flames director of retail Brent Gibbs about the various retro Calgary Flames shirts, hats and jerseys available for fans to purchase.

    Flames equipment manager ready for the big game

    Equipment manager Mark DePasqual was busy preparing for the game, showing off the different blade each player uses.

    “There’s different sizes, different profiles, different hollows – which is the sharpness of the blade.”

    “You can’t put Johnny Gaudreau’s blade in Sean Monahan’s skate – just won’t fit – but if somebody blows an edge, like Mark Giordano – who blows quite a bit – you’ve got to change it so nobody misses a shift.”

    WATCH: Scott Fee speaks with Calgary Flames equipment manager Mark DePasqual about preparations for Friday’s home opener against the Edmonton Oilers.

    Oilers rivalry good for ticket sales

    Calgary Flames vice president of sales Rollie Cyr admits the organization has been impacted by the province’s economic downturn.

    “We’ve certainly seen a change-over in terms of our season ticket holders,” Cyr said. “No question the rebirth of the Oilers rivalry is good for us.”

    WATCH: Scott Fee speaks with Calgary Flames vice president of sales Rollie Cyr about how Alberta’s current economic climate impacts ticket sales.

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Video shows moment silverback gorilla escapes at London Zoo; called a ‘minor incident’

24/04/2019 Posted by admin

London Zoo said Friday that a silverback gorilla’s escape from its enclosure was a “minor incident” that posed no danger to the public – but animal rights activists are demanding an official, independent investigation.

A wildlife advocacy group said the incident, which ended without injuries to visitors or the animal, could have had a more tragic outcome.

READ MORE: Ohio zoo kills gorilla after 4-year-old falls in enclosure

Kumbuka, a 400-pound (184-kilogram) male western lowland gorilla, escaped from his enclosure Thursday evening into what the zoo said was a “secure keepers’ area.”

WATCH: A PETA spokesperson says the gorilla escaped from the London Zoo because it wanted to be free from captivity

Armed police descended on the zoo and visitors were locked inside buildings until the animal was subdued by a tranquilizer dart. Officials said the public was not in danger and the gorilla was back in his enclosure in just over an hour.

Visitors Hannah O’Donoghue-Hobbs and Charlotte Neild told BBC the experience was “like being in Jurassic Park “.

“In the zoo, we train throughout the year for a variety of different emergency procedures, often in collaboration with the emergency services,” said Malcolm Fitzpatrick, the zoo’s curator of mammals. “It’s testament to that training that this incident was dealt with so quickly and remained a minor incident.”

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    Some witnesses reported that the gorilla had been behaving aggressively and banging on the glass of his enclosure before his escape. Fitzpatrick said Kumbuka did not break through the glass –
    but would not say how he got out.

    READ MORE: Eastern gorilla on critically endangered list, one step from extinction

    Fitzpatrick said Kumbuka was back with his gorilla family Friday, “doing very well” and had been given extra treats after his brief escape.

    The zoo said an investigation into the escape is underway.

    The Born Free Foundation, which campaigns for zoos to be phased out, said the incident was a reminder of the risks of keeping dangerous wild animals in captivity.

    “This incident could have ended very differently,” said the foundation’s Chris Draper. “We are calling for an urgent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding this escape, and into safety procedures at London Zoo.”

    Several recent incidents have raised concerns about the safety and ethics of keeping large primates in zoos.

    READ MORE: Should there be charges for Cincinnati zoo kid’s parents?

    In May, a gorilla named Harambe was shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo after it grabbed a 4-year-old boy who had fallen into a moat.

    In 2007, a 400-pound gorilla escaped from an enclosure and ran amok at a Rotterdam zoo in the Netherlands, biting one woman and dragging her around before he was finally subdued.

    Fitzpatrick said Kumbuka and the other gorillas at London Zoo help to fulfil the zoo’s mission to inspire a passion for the animal world in visitors.

    “Kumbuka is a fantastic silverback gorilla, and when you see him interacting with his son and daughter, it really inspires our visitors,” he said. “And we hope that they themselves will then have a lifelong connection to animals, habitats and helping to conserve them.”

‘Reluctant’ witnesses to deadly Toronto bar stabbing asked to come forward

24/04/2019 Posted by admin

Toronto police are asking two people who were “standing feet away” from 20-year-old Kiowa Wind McComb as he was violently stabbed outside of a bar in Toronto’s north end earlier this year to come forward and speak with investigators.

Police released photos of a man and a woman Friday who were at Gucci’s Bar and Grill, near Jane Street and Lawrence Avenue West, in the early hours of Feb. 9 when the stabbing occurred.

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“I think these are individuals, for the time being, are reluctant to become participants. But they’re going to be participants in one way or another and I would just like them to just do it voluntarily,” Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux told reporters.

READ MORE: Toronto police seek witness in stabbing death of Kiowa Wind McComb

McComb and his 23-year-old brother were found by emergency crews with stab wounds and both were taken to hospital. McComb lost “virtually all the blood in his body” and later died while his brother, who has recovered fully, was treated for serious injuries, Giroux said

Police said two suspects left the scene in taxi. Officers from 12 Division pulled over a cab in the area and one man was arrested. Police are looking for a second suspect who got out of the taxi before it was pulled over.

Andre Appleton, 35, of Toronto was charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.

READ MORE: Man charged with second-degree murder in double stabbing outside North York bar

McComb was an Indigenous Youth Intern at the Royal Ontario Museum and was described as an “exceptionally promising young man.”

“Kiowa will be remembered as an emerging arts leader who inspired all those he met with his quiet determination and commitment to better his life, and the lives of others through education,” the ROM wrote on its website.

David Shum contributed to this report

Guest host chef Antonio Park joins Global News Morning in Montreal

24/04/2019 Posted by admin

Chef Antonio Park stopped by Global News on Friday to guest host Global News Morning with anchor Laura Casella and weather specialist Kim Sullivan.

Park is the chef and owner at Park Restaurant in Montreal.

He also currently serves as a judge on Chopped Canada.

To get to know Park a little better we asked him a few questions.

What country serves your favorite food??

Japan. They don’t mix flavours and they don’t mix types of food.

For example, if I’m a sushi guy, I’ll devote my life to sushi. They concentrate on one thing and they master that craft. They don’t try to expand their field too much. They try to stay focused on what they do.

What’s the hardest dish to make?

Every simple dish is the hardest to make. Simplicity is hard to accomplish. When it’s simple you can’t hide your ingredients, you can’t hide your techniques and knowledge.

Anchor Laura Casella and weather specialist Kim Sullivan are joined by guest host chef Antonio Park on Global News Morning in Montreal, Friday, October 14, 2016.

Global News

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    What’s the best way for someone to learn how to cook?

    You have to understand your culture. Without understanding your culture you won’t be able to cook. If you don’t understand the culture of France, how would you be able to understand French food?

    Another way to learn is by repetition, keep on practicing it because anybody can cook.

    How often do you work on perfecting your dishes?

    I work on it every day. I’ve been working on nigiri for 15 years and I’m still learning. The word perfection does not exist. We are trying to get closer to perfection. If perfection existed and we achieved it, then life would be boring.

    Who’s your inspiration?

    My mom. From day one she was my inspiration. From growing stuff, picking stuff, gardening stuff. Even today my mom will never give me a family recipe it’s just something I have to watch and learn myself. I always tell my mom ‘you can give it to me, I can try to make it better but she doesn’t understand that.’

    What goes into making a good dish/meal?

    Love. Nothing else. Love makes everything beautiful.

    How do you judge what’s a good dish?

    I judge something by understanding the flavours. The flavours that we know salty, sweet, spicy, acid and umami. If you taste something and it’s too sweet then they fail. There must be a balance of all the tastes.