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Donald Trump says women who accused him of sexual misconduct are ‘horrible, horrible liars’

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.— Lashing back, Donald Trump heatedly rejected the growing list of sexual assault allegations against him as “pure fiction” on Thursday, hammering his female accusers as “horrible, horrible liars” as the already-nasty presidential campaign sank further into charges of attacks on women.

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Campaign foe Hillary Clinton said “the disturbing stories just keep on coming” about her Republican opponent, but she let first lady Michelle Obama’s passionate response carry the day. Obama, in battleground New Hampshire, warned that the New York billionaire’s behavior “is not something we can ignore.”

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After years of working to end “this kind of violence and abuse and disrespect … we’re hearing these exact same things on the campaign trail. We are drowning in it,” Obama declared, her voice cracking with emotion. “We can’t expose our children to this any longer, not for another minute, let alone for four years.”

WATCH: Donald Trump lashed out at the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, as more alleged victims come forward. Jackson Proskow reports on Trump’s response and the fallout.

With Election Day less than four weeks away, Republican Trump was again forced to defend himself against allegations of sexual misconduct, five days after a video surfaced in which he bragged about kissing and groping women without their permission.

Similar behaviour was detailed by women who accused Trump in articles published late Wednesday by The New York Times and the Palm Beach Post. Separately, a People Magazine reporter offered a first-person account accusing Trump of attacking her while she was in Florida to interview him and his pregnant wife.

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Ever defiant, the New York billionaire denied the allegations and blamed them on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the complicit news media as he campaigned in Florida. He promised to sue his media critics and said he was preparing evidence that would discredit his female accusers, whom he called “horrible people. They’re horrible, horrible liars.”

He went further during an evening appearance in Columbus, Ohio, saying he “never met” some of the women.

“I don’t know who they are,” he insisted and said they “made up stories.”

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“These vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct with women, are totally and absolutely false. And the Clintons know it,” he said earlier. He offered no evidence discrediting the new reports except to ask why his accusers had waited years and then made their allegations less than a month before the election.

His comments came soon after he called a reporter “a sleazebag” for asking whether Trump had ever touched or groped a woman without her consent.

Trump’s attacks on his accusers’ credibility marked an awkward break from campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who earlier in the week highlighted a Clinton tweet that said “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

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Conway hoped to encourage more women to come forward with allegations against Bill Clinton, building on the campaign’s Sunday decision to bring three of the former president’s accusers to the second presidential debate.

“His campaign is promising more scorched-earth attacks. Now that’s up to him,” Clinton said during a San Francisco fundraiser. “He can run his campaign however he chooses. And frankly, I don’t care if he goes after me.”

Trump running mate Mike Pence ditched the national reporters who pay to travel with his campaign in Pennsylvania. The Indiana governor’s 桑拿会所 account showed him meeting with faith leaders and stopping at a restaurant — after a Pence spokesman said the vice presidential nominee was attending closed-door fundraisers.

Republican leaders across the country said they were deeply troubled by the allegations against Trump, but there was no evidence of new defections. Over the weekend, dozens of Republican senators and congressmen vowed they would not vote for him, with many calling on him to step aside.

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Some recanted after an aggressive weekend debate performance. And in what he called an increasingly “muddy” election, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson raised complaints about Hillary Clinton Thursday but wondered aloud what could change voters’ minds at this point.

“Is there a deal-breaker out there? How many emails have to be destroyed? How many investigations have to be concluded with question marks? How many comments have to come out from one campaign in reference to religious institutions that raises concerns?”

More Trump accusers may be coming forward, according to attorney Gloria Allred, who said women have contacted her office in recent days.

“The dam has broken, and more women will be coming forward,” she said.

The stories about Trump and his countercharges against Clinton’s husband have plunged an already rancorous campaign to new lows. They also have distracted attention from the release of thousands of hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that included some potentially damaging information.

A new batch indicated on Thursday that her 2008 presidential campaign had tried to move the Illinois Democratic primary to a later date, believing it might help her. The emails are being parceled out by WikiLeaks.

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For Trump, the cumulative effect of recent revelations and allegations about his personal life appears to be a tumble in the battleground states he needs to win in November. What was already a narrow path to the 270 Electoral College votes needed for victory has virtually disappeared unless there’s a significant shake-up before Nov. 8

He promised Thursday to focus on issues in the final weeks, even as his campaign crafted plans to highlight decades-old accusations against Bill Clinton.

Trump confidant and informal adviser Roger Stone has long encouraged him to make Bill Clinton’s alleged assaults a centerpiece of the campaign. Steve Bannon, the campaign’s chief executive, until recently ran a conservative website that eagerly promotes conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

Back in New Hampshire, Michelle Obama said, “Enough is enough.”

If Americans let Trump win the election “we are telling our sons it’s OK to humiliate women. We are telling our daughters this is the way they deserve to be treated. We are telling all of our kids that bigotry and bullying is perfectly acceptable.”

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Saint-Lambert approves controversial project to restore former masonic temple

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Saint-Lambert city council approved a controversial project to renovate a historic former masonic temple Thursday night by a vote of six to one.

The city bought the temple in 1999 and has been looking for an investor ever since, pushed by citizens to turn it into a cultural space.

The investor has finally come but so has a slew of questions around the project.

For four hours, Saint-Lambert residents lined up expressing concerns over the towering size of the $8-million dollar project at a council meeting.

The proposal features a market, a bistro and an attached three-storey building to serve as an “all the rage” co-working space.

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    The effort will restore the rickety leftovers of what was the masonic temple, at the corner of Lorne and Elm streets which has had no maintenance in decades.

    And although most in attendance praised the initiative, its looks were an issue.

    “What we’ll have there is a factory,” Edgar Hay-Ellis, who lives near the project, said.

    The developer, Max Dubois, is a well-known local cheese shop owner supported by business mogul Alexandre Taillefer.

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    At times Dubois became impatient and seemed frustrated with the slew of questions coming his way.

    “It just feels like too much,” Gwenda Wells, the head priest of the Anglican Church next door to the temple, said.

    St. Barnabas church is a 100-year-old Neo-Tudor-style building.

    Wells would like to see a more modest design that fits in more with the area’s Victorian architecture.

    “Build something onto it, but nowhere near the same scale [of the proposed building],” Wells said.

    The city says the proposal is the breath of fresh air the downtown area needs.

    “It will revitalize the city centre, it will help a lot of people including those elders that live around the street, that want to shop at that future store,” Boris Chassagne, the head of Saint-Lambert’s urban planning committee said.

    The developer says he will take all of the concerns into consideration before construction starts in March 2017.

N.Y. man grabs attention for hugging 1,500-pound bear

24/02/2019 Posted by admin

OTISVILLE, N.Y. — Bear hugs are nothing. Jim Kowalczik hugs bears.

Kowalczik lies on the ground as his 1,500-pound bear buddy, Jimbo, rests a heavy paw on his waist. He feeds Jimbo a marshmallow from his mouth and laughs as a big bear tongue slobbers on his ear.

If that sounds suicidal, consider that Kowalczik and his wife, Susan, have cared for Jimbo for almost 23 years, since the Kodiak bear first came to the couple’s upstate New York haven for injured or unwanted animals as a bottle-feeding cub.

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“He’ll play with you all day if you have the time,” Kowalczik says after a recent horseplay session, adding that it’s fortunate the bear doesn’t throw his weight around casually. “If he lays on you, you’ve got a problem.”

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Jimbo is among the 11 bears living at the couple’s nonprofit Orphaned Wildlife Center 60 miles northwest of New York City. One of them, a black bear named Frankie, was born in the wild and found his way here in 2012 after being hit by a car. The rest of the bears here were born in captivity, eight of them Syrian brown bears or mixes that came from a breeding program. Jimbo came from a West Coast game farm with an injured leg.

In this Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016 photo, Jim Kowalczik plays with Jimbo, a 1500-pound Kodiak bear, at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, N.Y. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)

There are plenty of wildlife rehabilitators and other centers that care for bears. But Kowalczik has grabbed attention for his hands-on approach. One Facebook video of him playing with Jimbo has received more than 16 million views. Kowalczik describes it as if it was something as natural as petting your dog. The bears are like his children, he says, and they have never injured him.

“There’s no false pretenses like there are with people and stuff,” Kowalczik says. “What you see is what you get.”

The couple has been rehabilitating squirrels, ducks, deer, mink and other animals together since the early 1990s. The main goal is to release animals, but the bears here cannot be released because of injuries or because they are too accustomed to captivity.

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Bears are in 57-year-old Susan Kowalczik’s bloodline. Her father, Albert Rix, was a well-known circus veteran from Germany who raised Syrian brown bears. Jim, 60, is a retired corrections officer.

The Kowalcziks funded the venture out of their own pockets until creating the nonprofit last year, which allows them to take donations. It’s still just them, plus director Kerry Clair, who handles administrative duties.

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The videos help with exposure. But experts are pretty clear: Do not get up close with bears, like Kowalczik does.

Even with captive bears, there’s a chance their instincts will take over, says Matt Merchant, senior wildlife biologist with New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Plus, there are inherent dangers of rolling around with an animal that’s three-quarters of a ton.

“I don’t think people get a lot of good information or education from that kind of behavior,” Merchant says. “They’d be better off watching a naturalist show off bears in the wild, or just going out and hiking around and seeing them on their own.”

Sitting on the ground next to Jimbo, Kowalczik shrugs at the thought of personal danger from his bear buddies.

“They’re content, they’re happy. If they weren’t,” Kowalczik pauses as Jimbo licks him, “you would know it.”

Penticton townhouse fire is an arson

24/02/2019 Posted by admin

UPDATE: RCMP have confirmed they have an 18 year old woman in custody that they believe to have started the fire.

They say they were responding to a domestic dispute between the woman and her mother just prior to the blaze.

They were called to unit 122 of the Cascade Gardens Townhouse Complex at 8:00pm, six minutes before the Penticton Fire Department got reports of fire coming from the same unit.

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“The fire went into the walls, into the floors, into the attic space,” says Penticton Fire Department Chief Larry Watkinson. “We were basically chasing four different house fires in one complex… with the four-plex, we had fires in each unit and we were tactically aggressively fighting the fire with four different strategies.”

Watkinson says the entire PFD responded to the fire.

RCMP say the woman is facing potential charges of arson and arson to endanger life.

PENTICTON – A fire at a townhouse complex in Penticton was deliberately set.

The fire chief confirms they’re conducting an arson investigation.

The blaze broke out Thursday just after 8 p.m. at the Cascade Gardens townhouses on Penticton Avenue.

The flames spread from one unit to three others.

At least a dozen people safely evacuated their homes but a cat and three birds perished in the fire.

Neetu Garcha/ Global Okanagan

Neetu Garcha/ Global Okanagan

Contributed by Chelsea Piper/ Global Okanagan

Contributed by Chelsea Piper/ Global Okanagan

Neetu Garcha/ Global Okanagan

PFD chief, Larry Watkinson, says police were dealing with a domestic dispute at the unit not long before the fire started there.

A resident of the complex told Global News a woman was taken away in a police car.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stumps for Liberal byelection candidate in Medicine Hat

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was greeted by a couple of thousand enthusiastic supporters at a byelection campaign event in Medicine Hat, Alta, a city known for its staunch of support of the Conservative party.

“I am so excited to be back,” Trudeau shouted to the 800 people packed inside the venue, noting that he accompanied his father on a visit when he was just seven months old.

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    “The last time a Liberal prime minister came to Medicine Hat, it was 1972. I was there but what’s important from that visit of my father in 1972, from a historical perspective, that was the moment that we started the decades-long dominance of the Liberal Party of Canada in southern Alberta.”

    Trudeau quickly made it clear to the cheering crowd he was joking, since the Liberals have never registered in southern Alberta.

    “No, that didn’t happen, but you can hear it – the times are a changin’,” he told the rally for Stan Sakamoto, the Liberal candidate in the Oct. 24 byelection for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner.

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    Indeed, it was pandemonium outside the venue where an additional 1,600 people lined up around the block.

    Trudeau waded through that crowd, giving those who couldn’t get inside a chance to see him.

    “I think it was just an excellent opportunity to see the community become engaged in this election,” said Jan Dynes.

    “The lineups extended about four blocks around the corner. It was just pretty exciting for downtown. I saw him arrive and then saw him as he was going through the crowd,” said Dynes, who intends to vote Liberal.

    Trudeau waded through that crowd, giving those who couldn’t get inside a chance to see him.

    Across the street, about 100 protesters angry at Trudeau for his plans for a carbon tax held their own gathering.

    Signs included “Trudeau Not Welcome,” “Not all Canadians like what you are doing” and “You have nice hair but nothing you say is Tru Deau.”

    “We just wanted to show that he’s quite arrogant coming into Medicine Hat,” said local farmer/rancher Clark Walker. “This is PC country and that we don’t like what he’s doing running the country.

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    The byelection was called following the death of popular Conservative MP Jim Hillyer, who succumbed to a heart attack in his Parliament Hill office earlier this year.

    Trudeau made no mention of Hillyer but did take a shot at the federal Conservative Party for voting against the Liberal-sponsored tax cut for the middle class and against higher taxes for the rich.

    “They’re just as out of touch today as they were at the end of their last mandate,” said Trudeau.

    He encouraged voters in the riding to make a change.

    “You can be part of sending a very clear message that Canada deserves better, Alberta deserves better, Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner deserves better,” he said.

    “I’m here tonight to tell you we can make it happen. You can make it happen. So my friends, let’s get it done.”