2 Saskatchewan men fined for illegal moose hunting

23/11/2018 Posted by admin

Two men from Saskatchewan have been fined a total of $8,400 after pleading guilty to illegal moose hunting in the Langham area.

The pair were caught after someone called the provincial Turn In Poachers (TIP) hotline in November 2014.

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    Conservation officers from Saskatoon and North Battleford found a vehicle towing a trailer containing an untagged bull moose.

    It was found that the moose had been shot in an area where there was no active open season for moose hunting.

    “There wasn’t a moose season in that area at the time of the offence, nor did the hunters have a required draw moose licence for this zone,” said Ken Aube, the province’s chief of enforcement and investigation with the Ministry of Environment.

    “I’m confident that the penalties in this case will help deter others from this illegal type of activity.”

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    Steven Bullock, who is from Langham, pleaded guilty to unlawful hunting and unlawful possession of a moose. He was handed a $5,600 fine and given a four year hunting suspension.

    Gerald Honsinger, who is from Saskatoon, was fined $2,800 for the unlawful possession of a moose and given a one year hunting suspension.

    A third man donated $500 to the SaskTip program and $500 to the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation after he was processed through Alternative Measures for helping with the loading and transportation of the moose.

    The moose was donated to the Saskatoon Food Bank under the Hunt for Hunger program.